Stark Creations - CUSTOM KNIVES

We make a wide variety of handcrafted knives, from kitchen knives perfect for creating a gourmet meal to sturdy everyday carry knives that you can rely on when you need them. From the initial designing and grinding of the steel blanks to the final sanding of the handle, each step of the process is done by hand, which makes every knife that comes out of our shop 100% unique. In all of our blades, we strive to combine the clean lines of modern design with excellent performance, so that your knife will do its job properly and look great in the process.

The Duo

Benjamin Stark

About Me: I design and create all of our knives, from the initial sketches to the final grinding and polishing. My knife making journey started when I was around 15 years old, via an entirely different activity. One of our grandpa's hobbies was woodworking, and as a kid I was always fascinated by his ability to turn a plain piece of wood into a beautiful object like a spoon or sword. So, when I got a bit older, I decided to try my hand at carving wooden spoons and bowls. Once I had gotten the hang of it, I joined an online woodworking forum where I saw that people were also making their own knives.

After conducting lots of research on YouTube and online forums, I decided to give knife making a shot with relatively simple equipment such as files, sandpaper, a vise, and a cheap 1x30 belt sander. I posted my results on the forums and got a good response, so I created an Instagram account where I could share my work-in-progress pictures and my finished knives. Upon finding that there was an audience for my work, I decided to turn my hobby into an actual business and started Stark Creations. I strive to continually improve my skills as a knifemaker and always work hard to come up with innovative new ideas and strong designs that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. One of the main reasons I enjoy knife making is that it allows me to create something that someone can use and enjoy for many years.


Philip Stark

About Me: I take care of most of the business side of Stark Creations. Interacting with customers via e-mail and our social media platforms, packing and shipping orders, and creating Stark Creations promotional gear like shirts and stickers all fall under my activities. In addition to these duties, I am responsible for our visual content; I do the photography and videography for our products and maintain/update our website, social media platforms, and newsletter. Because we take pride in creating every single one of our knives to a high standard of quality, I make every effort to ensure that the images of the knives match this attention to detail.

While Benny deals with the majority of our actual knife making, he still lets me chime in when it comes to design questions, and I enjoy doing the occasional acid-etch. I truly appreciate having the opportunity to work together with my brother and best friend to supply our customers with great knives.


Our Logo

The Stark Creations logo might appear to be just a set of shapes at first, but there is some meaning behind it. The three dots on top combined with the two dashes and two dots below form the initials of our company (SC) in Morse code. The dashes themselves are in the shape of two of our original products: spoons and knives.


Knife Care

We want you to be able to enjoy your Stark Creations knife for many years. There are a few simple measures that should be taken in order to ensure that your blade stays in top condition.

Many of our knives are made from AEB-L stainless steel; these knives do not require much work outside of making sure the knife is wiped clean and dried off after use in order to keep them in great shape.

For our knives that use a carbon steel or carbon steel-based Damascus, a bit more care is needed. These steels should be kept dry and lightly lubricated with an oil in order to prevent rust from forming. Wood-handled knives would benefit from having the handle oiled as well. If you have one of our kitchen knives or think you might use your knife for cutting food, make sure to use a food-safe oil (non-food-safe oils can be harmful when consumed). Some oils that we recommend include cutting board oil, flax seed/linseed oil, and mineral oil.

Be sure not to put any of the knives in the dishwasher; doing so could damage the handle and chip the blade. In addition, try to wipe the blade dry after you are done using it to prevent any rust from forming. Our kitchen knives are ground to a very thin edge to maximize sharpness, so it’s important to treat their edges with care and avoid cutting into any extra-hard things like bones or frozen foods in order to avoid chipping the edge. Finally, we advise against using cutting boards made from glass, stone, or similar materials (wood is the best option). If you have any questions about how to care for your knife, please feel free to contact us.



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